HP dye ink
HP Design Jet  5000/5500/1050 water pigment
Novajet water pigment

Package: 1 litter, 1 gallen packing. 30L packing
Color: C M Y K Lc Lm


HP Design Jet   5500/5000/1050  water dye(UVdye) bulk ink. 
     ----- UV resistant 90days
HP5500/5000 pigment bulk ink.
     ----- UV resistant 2 Years

Our ink dye belong to UV dye, light fatness is 4-5BWS.that water base ink are very low end ink. Our dye & pigment material are come from German, have very good color &light fatness.
About printer head protect, we have correct conductivity test. That the ink warranty your new printer head 1500ml, but uaually 2500ml will not happen any bending problem, printer head life can extend to 3000 to 4000ml at least our HP ink will greatly extend your printer head life to reduce customer cost.


  We have HP5500 continue ink supply system can support,
1. installation VCD.
2. Six bottles for refill ink tank.
3. ink tube...
4. installation accessary.
    For HP5500 can use CIS system have to install a decoder chip,(automatic/manu).


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