Spare parts
  ¢Konica 512 MN  14Pl HEAD             Damper/朝漬      
  ¢Original Mimaki head for JV5                      
  ¢Mutoh VJ1618 HEAD               FOR Mutoh VJ1614E/1618  
Permanent Chip/仂頭                    
1204 Roland permanent chip       Cap_top/朝究      
12051 SS2/Mimaki JV3 permanent chip     5005# Epson Cap_top    
12052 ES3/Mimaki JV3 permanent chip                
12061 SS21/Mimaki JV33 permanent chip                
12062 ES3/Mimaki JV33 permanent chip                
12071 HS/Mimaki JV5 permanent chip                
12072 ES3/Mimaki JV5 permanent chip                        
12073 SPC0494(pigment)/Mimaki JV5 permanent chip                    
12074 SB51(dye)/Mimaki JV5 permanent chip                      
Transfer Media
transfer media can be used onto light and dark colored 100% cotton or cotton blend, silk, linens, canvas, nylon, Terylene, brocade, PU etc. It¨s widely use on t-shirt, coat, bags, caps, towels etc of its high elasticated and good coloration. It is competitive costs while huge gains.

1) Print by ECO-PRO JET 610/810
Mode:720X720dpi 8pass

2)Contour cut by Graphic 60L

3)Pull weeding line with angle is easier to take away.
4)Take rubber sheet by sticking application film.
5)Peel off the film with front attached image from back paper
6)Orientate the film onto T-Shirts.
7)Pre-heated the heat press to 150 ≧
8)Press 150≧, 500g / cm2, 10 -15 seconds
9)Peel off the film.
COLOR FLOCKY HEAT TRANSFER PAPER 650*1500mm/roll Colors represeted here in may appear diferent than actual
Application Instructions    Reverse cutting image and apply at 140-160<C   for  about 10-15 seconds with medium pressure (application film). Cover with application sheet to prevent sticking and edge damage to the transferred design, peel off, applied for Sportswear, Caps, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Fleece, Cotton, Polyester, and Poly/Cotton.
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